Leading Marine Research and Conservation
in the Western Indian Ocean

Based in Mombasa, Kenya, CORDIO (Coastal Oceans Research and Development, Indian Ocean) East Africa wanted to raise awareness of the alarming degradation of coral reefs in the western Indian Ocean — the results of a study encompassing decades of data that would be published in the journal Nature Sustainability. The marine research non-profit wanted to educate the public, move regional policymakers to action, and promote the use of an assessment tool to monitor the health of marine ecosystems around the world with the larger scientific community.

The Strategy & Work

Working with the director and senior scientist (both co-authors of the study), I developed a communications strategy that clearly outlined objectives, tactics, and key messages that would be presented to the various media (earned and owned) and corresponding audiences timed to the publication date of the study. Communications content included: Op/Ed, News Release, Blog Post, and Social Media posts.

Results & Impact

  • International major-market and local media coverage with key messages as headlines
  • Successful publication of Op/Ed in regional newspaper with clear policy recommendations
  • Clear policy-driven blog post as a resource for regional policymakers and international stakeholders
  • Laid the foundation to incorporate a dedicated communications strategy and hire communications staff to achieve the organization’s overall mission