Brand-building communications that get results.

Chang Communications helps leaders and decision-makers solve business problems and meet organizational objectives with strategic content and best communications practices.

Think of us as your Communications Director or Chief Content Strategist — with the expertise and agility of an agency to meet your needs, when you need.

What we do

We do a lot of things really well, including:



Brand, content, marketing, and corporate communications


We tell your story. Then amplify.


We get your stakeholders involved.


Content Strategy

Brand Building

Media Relations

Stakeholder Engagement

Brand Journalism


Government Relations

Thought Leadership

Writing with SEO

B2B Content

Internal Communications

Digital Marketing

Sci & Tech

Led with experience, powered by curiousity.

Gloria Chang, Chang Communications

20+ years of experience.

Education and training from the best in the business.

An insatiable appetite for what makes people tick.

Led by Gloria J. Chang, who has more than 20 years of experience in journalism, strategic communications and content, Chang Communications excels at creating content and experiences that are inherently engaging. We have fabulous project management skills and a talent for writing — always with the end user in mind.

A specialty in sci+tech means we know how to present complex information as stories that engage, enlighten, and entertain. How do we do this?


Our EXPERTISE & Approach

We ask good questions.
Strategic Communications & Content

We start with Why.

Asking good questions is a skill. A skill we’ve developed conducting thousands of interviews. We uncover the details that matter, connect the dots — often across functions and teams — and then develop a strategy that works with your specific needs, to reach the audience you want. It’s not rocket science; it’s expertise built on years of experience and constant, ongoing learning.

Media & Public Relations

Trust and Transformation.

We work to instill and foster trust — in what you do and how you do it. How? Clarity and consistency in your content and communications. Amusement, wonder and inspiration in your uniqueness.

We build your brand and reputation.
We listen and engage.
Public Engagement & Participation

We build Community.

Across functions, teams, and technology, we know how to take the information we’ve uncovered to inform any decision-making process. Inclusivity. Diversity. Learning from unexpected sources.

Our Promise

We are smart, resourceful, and collaborative. We promise to deliver best practices and effective communications strategies that will enable you to lead with confidence, innovate and evolve your business, and earn the trust of your customers and stakeholders.


What’s your communications challenge?


Tell us about your campaign, organizational mission or business objective. We'll give you the proper support to make it happen with strategic content, and best communications and marketing practices.

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